Rick Hamann

Over the course of his career, Rick Hamann has written some really great bios. His opening paragraphs are always attention grabbing. And punchy.

His second bio paragraphs are where he gets down to business, outlining an impressive list of agencies like Element 79 Partners, Factory Design Labs, Energy BBDO and a previous go around at Cramer Krasselt. Rick also likes to throw in some big-name clients like Porsche, Quaker, Wrigley to keep the reader interested. When he really wants to appear important, he’ll write letters like “SVP” and “GCD.”

But then, out of nowhere, Rick reveals he was Chief Creative Officer at The Onion. By the time he explains building their branded content division into an industry powerhouse, the reader is always hooked. If his bio needs some padding, he’ll add additional client names like Lenovo, Bud Light, Burger King and Supercell video games.

As Rick’s bios wind to a close, he’ll subtly brag about the pile of awards he’s accumulated. Oh, the obvious ones are there like The One Show and Cannes and Communication Arts. He also throws in Digiday and Webby to seem extra digital. He also likes to wink at the audience and say he won “World’s Greatest Dad” too.

Rick’s bios always end the same way, with a nod to his wife Diana and their sons Eli and Luca, so he seems like a human being and not a monster. And his bios always end with a little joke. Usually about Star Wars.