Peter Krivkovich

Peter is the founder of what Cramer-Krasselt has become.

He’s been with the company since 1981, when his own agency, Hackenberg, Normann, Krivkovich (and you think Krasselt is hard to pronounce?) was purchased by C-K. He got his start in the business on the client side at Kemper Insurance. He also spent a fair amount of time at Leo Burnett, which helped shape his ideas about how to build a better agency. Born in Eastern Europe, Peter speaks fluent Russian, and its spirit can be felt in his fiery sense of determination to help clients bury their competition.

He’s been AdWeek’s Midwest Executive of the Year. Advertising Age named him one of the 100 Best and Brightest People in Advertising. And he’s won Cramer-Krasselt’s Shiniest Shoes Award. Twice.

Peter has been on numerous corporate and charity boards, including The Ad Council, the National Board of the 4A’s, ICOM, several civic boards including The Terra Museum and Off The Street Club. And corporate boards including Victory Park Capital. He regularly speaks at marketing and advertising events.