Lisa Rios

Lisa helps lead strategy on a remarkable range of brands.

From spices, to watercraft, to brats to commercial agriculture, she’s looking for consumer insights from a crazy number of perspectives. All of which keeps her sharp, and crazy.

She comes to C-K via Detroit where she helped re-establish Buick’s luxury credentials, a refresh that ultimately saved the brand’s place in GM’s slimmer, post-bankruptcy portfolio of brands. She’s spent several years shaping the toy brand Thomas the Tank Engine, as well as Aldi and Honeywell.

If she wasn’t in love with getting inside consumers’ hearts and heads, she says she’d be a physician. Perhaps the heart and head thing would go a level more literal then. Don’t count her out on med school someday, she seems to have no shortage of energy, despite the demands of two little ones, a husband and C-K.