Jennifer Mathis

Jennifer loves cooking, running and all things media. But not in that order.

She’s been instrumental in the success of Cedar Fair Entertainment. Her planning approach has driven more strategic integration, created a learning agenda that allowed  Cedar Fair to better understand the role of digital elements in their communication architecture, and developed a consumer journey that led to more content integration – and record sales.

Jennifer’s career began at Acquirgy in direct response where she was involved in the beta testing of Google TV and programmatic local radio buying. From there, she moved to Publicis Media where she launched Walmart’s first response driven campaign with MoneyCard and Tax Return Services. Jennifer spent six years on P&G where she won a MediaPost Media Plan of the Year Award for bringing a 360 Tide NASCAR campaign to life in only 6 days and an Effie Award for the Always Like a Girl campaign.

Jennifer graduated with a B.A. degree from the University of South Florida. When she’s not innovating in the media world, you’ll find her running off the calories from her tour-de-force recipes.